Film revew of ANNABELLE by Gabrielle

yestaday i sent sister Gabz to picsures to see horer film Annabelle.  gabz has never done film revew before but Dorian did not want to go cos she only watshin frensh noo wavez n somat a “littel bit more ecsperementel” right now.  i did not want to go cos horer is not my favrit genre i prafer talkin anamel film. Smurf did not want to go cos it look like rain n did not want her hairs mess up “BUT” Gabz say she wold go even tho she can not remamba a lot o it today!

here i do intervew with Gabz abot the film

LINDA: ello Mis Gabrielle

GABZ: ello Mis Linda

LINDA: i hear you sawed film ANNABELLE yestaday.

GABZ: yes n here is proov


LINDA: you is not 15 tho. you has to be 15 to watsh this film ANNABELLE

GABZ: no, i is 9 but i sneek inside Elaines bag n in picsures i kept low profial n did not rattel packits o crips

LINDA: did you get some revals or minstrals or jely sweetz?

GABZ: nop


LINDA: “SO” tell us what film is abot plix

GABZ: it is abot a woman what fall on floor a lot, eat lots o pickels musterd crips n pop!cormz n screem a lot n see devel.  she got a doll what is the fuglyest doll i ever seen.  here is doll.


LINDA: lol that is fugly doll. sholda left it in bocks  XD

GABZ: lol i know right!

LINDA: so what doll have to do with owt?

GABZ: pepole next door get shank by hippy dagter n bf cos they is in cult what do satanic fingz n they go in woman with doll hows n shank her but plise come n shoot the bf n the hippy girl go n kill herself when she holdin doll n blood go inside doll eye mech n girl name is ANNABELLE n she have evel spiret what go n attash itself to doll n doll do fingz SO SAY WOMAN but we only have her word n she is obv mentel.


ANNABELLE hippy woman what is evel spiret atash to doll

LINDA: how you know she is mentel? is she depres?

GABZ: no she swish oven on for pop!cormz n sewin mashine n faget n blame it on doll when it go off n set hows on fire n then say she seen a devel n she cut her armz n shit.  you wold go to docter right? “BUT” insted she go to vicer!!!  vicer is mentel as well cos he go hm yes it is deemen n you got to get rid o doll

vicer tryin to get rid o doll

vicer tryin to get rid o doll

LINDA: do they get rid o doll?

GABZ: they put it in bin like they did with Smurf but it come back out n stuffs.  it want sole o baby what she have so come back. what hapen is it draw picsures with crayens o baby getin kill by truck n it draw on wallz in crayen

LINDA: what color crayen

GABZ: red crayen but film had it writin with crayen on winders n you know yourself that you can not write on glas with crayen

LINDA: i know. i do not draw on wall with crayen or winder. that pis pepole of.

GABZ: so in end woman say i will jump out o winder with doll n her husbend say NO but i say YES JUMP FFS cos she were anoyin but sudenly black women want to jump out o winder

LINDA: why wold she want to do that?

GABZ: may be she depres idk. she jump n die n doll is on floor with black woman sole.

bit where pop!cormz set kitsen on fire

bit where pop!cormz set kitsen on fire

LINDA: and…….???

GABZ: that is end

LINDA: spoilar alert lol. did you think film were good film?

GABZ: nop

LINDA: what were not good abot it?

GABZ: it were borin n i has isoos with some of it isoos

LINDA: what isoos?

GABZ: well i think that film cold start lot o doll hate n dolofobier or crualty to doll cos she bash its head on cot n throw it on floor. i know it fugly but it not doll falt.  i do not like how it make hippy pepole like Edith sowned like they is psyco n i do not like how it is all verry mother hood n appel pie.

LINDA: what that mean?

GABZ: it is song what me n smurf write for our band DISABELD DISCO. it mean it has verry old fasion vew o what a woman roll in sosiety is cos vicer bang on abot how spawnin kidz is best fing what woman can do but they is caflic n so he wold say that so there is a bilion caflics in world n they put cash in coferz cos caflic chursh is verry verry rish.  i do not feel it helthy to pramot this vew.


ol fason vew o woman roll in sosiety

LINDA: any fink els you did not like?

GABZ: i do not like how it try to be like all other horer film what i has seen it get borin. it is like a battel betwin good n evel n good tryumf over evel but there is ALLWAYS a bit at end where it is like UH OH THERE GONA BE ANNOTHER FILM WITH DOLL IN IT COS IT IS IN BOCKS BUT IT MAKE NOIZ.

LINDA: did you know that this film is acsuly a PREQUAL to film THE CONJURING what have the doll in it?

GABZ: no i did not know this fact

LINDA: wold you like to see the film i menson?

GABZ: nop

LINDA: wold you pay to see ANNABELLE n recamend it?

GABZ: nop

LINDA: did it makes you jump?

GABZ: nop

LINDA: do you say any fink othar than nop?

GABZ: nop


GABZ: lool

LINDA: how many star outa 5 wold you give this film?

GABZ: an half o star

gabz give ANNABELLE half a star out o 5

gabz give ANNABELLE half a star out o 5

LINDA: that is bad!

GABZ: film were bad. if you wana see film with doll in it see film with Chucky doll in it cos they is MILEZ beter.

LINDA: fanx for revoo. i do not fink i will bothar to watsh it

GABZ:  you is wellcom. do not watsh it it is rubish.


film is bas on reel life doll what is haunted with evel. this is doll what is rag doll n a bit LOL

haunted doll aparantly


hope you enjoy sister film revew.




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