doggin with Linda ^_^

today i went doggin on intanet so i make post abot the best dogz.  after mush doggin i came to concluson that i know for fact what best dogz is. you migt not agree with my choys if you go doggin your self but i am sure you will find i am rigt.

here is best dog


best dog is DASHOND whish is call sosij dog cos it is long like sosij n america call em weeny dogz.  they is germans n were made to have littel legz cos they were to hunt badshers n bein littel they cold get in badsher home n find em.  they do not do that now. they come in short hairs long hairs or wire hairs n in difrant sizes

here is som proov how cute they is cos all these pepol n more love em

artest Andy Warhol have two call Amos n Archie

Andy Warhol only got a dachshund puppy because his boyfriend wanted one, so they got Archie. Warhol ended up being the one infatuated with the breed, though. Warhol would bring the dog to interviews with him to “answer” questions he didn’t care for. He also took Archie to galleries, on business trips, on photo shoots and to his studio.

Things were going so swimmingly for the two of them that Andy decided a second dachsie was in order, which was when Amos came along. Archie stopped accompanying Andy everywhere so he could stay home and play with Amos. Even though they weren’t seen out and about together as often, the breed’s influence on Andy’s work was still evident: he painted one of his famous colorful portraits of Maurice, an art collector’s dachshund.

writer George Orwell love em

writer Anton Chekov  n his best freind Khina a long long time ago in 1897

royel fambly with royal doggy!

they did not have camras in them day but Leonado DaVinci love em n draw em!


Spock off star trek n his freind call Dog!


acter Marlon Brando n his gramas weeny


presadant Abraham Lincoln with Oscar


marilyn monroe love em!


she love em a LOT!


acter Clark Gable have one call Commissioner

Carole Lombard had a little dachshund named Commissioner that ignored Clark Gable completely. After her death in 1942, the dog would not leave Gable’s side.


artest Picasso have one call LUMP who even have own wiki page!

download (5)

here is skesh of sosij dog by Picasso


singar David Bowie love em!


actress Joan Crawford n Pupschen


Brigitte Bardot have em

did you know Liam Gallagher fouht for custardy of a dashond he name after Brigitte Bardo when he split up with wife?

well, he did!

d03powelacter William Powell love his best freind!


actress Elizabeth Taylor love em

Elizabeth Taylor bought a litter of dachshunds after studying for the role in Cleopatra because the Queen of Egypt was depicted in pictographs with dogs that were long-bodied and short in stature. She later gave the dogs to Richard Burton as a wedding gift.


John Wayne n Blackie who were a hero!


download (6)

artest David Hockney n Stanley

he love em so mush he painted lots n lots o picsures o em!

his other were called Boodgie!

here is list o other pepol what have has daschonds




Frida Kahlo

P G Wodehouse

Doris Day

Jacques Cousteau

Errol Flynn

David Hasselhoff

Rita Hayworth

William Randolph Hearst



Priscilla Presley

Vincent Price

Queen Victoria

Maria von Trapp

Kaiser Wilhelm II

n lots lots more
do you know who this is?
it is presadent JFK with littel puppy  ^_^
i think you will now undastand why it is that they is best dogz.  i will do more doggin for posts in futur.  i hope you like doggin with linda!

3 thoughts on “doggin with Linda ^_^

  1. We like the sos dogz. The wurld needs moor sos dogz not status dogz. We like hotdog sos that dunt have dog, cat, beef, hoss, sheep’s, piggy wig or chickun in em. Hotdog warter taystes rank though.

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  2. hotdog water is not water it is BRINE what is water n salt like in sea.

    did you know somat about sosij dogz n hot dogz? this

    1852, the butcher’s guild in Frankfurt-am-Main created a smoked, spiced sausage in a thin casing, dubbed a “little-dog” or “dachshund sausage” for its obvious resemblance to the low-riding German dog. (Those funny Germans!) Its other popular name was, of course, the frankfurter. Wiener comes from a similar sausage made in Vienna. Unlike the usual wursts, dachshund sausages were usually sold with bread.

    In 1871, an immigrant German butcher opened the proto-hot dog stand at Coney Island, selling the dachshund sausages wrapped in a milk roll. By 1893, the portable meat-tubes were already a regular accompaniment to baseball games and other sporting events.

    The popular legend on the etymology of hot dog holds that a cartoonist named T.A. “Tad” Dorgan attended a polo match in New York in 1901 where vendors roamed the aisles imploring patrons to “get your red-hot dachshund sausages.” Enchanted, Dorgan drew a smiling dachshund nestled in a long bun, but couldn’t spell dachshund, so he captioned it “hot dog!” and thus the food got its name. Charming, but untrue.

    According to the NHDSC, historians have never been able to find this alleged cartoon, even though Dorgan’s body of surviving work is vast.

    The real source of hot dog: Like so many unpleasant things in America, it came from Yale. The term had been recorded there as early as 1894 as a sarcastic description of the dubiously composed sausages that vendors peddled from “dog wagons” near the dorms.

    my fambly ownly eat sosij what is NOT anamel.


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