has you herd of Esther the Wonder Pig?


she has her own farm sanctury in Canada!  the pepol who made her fambly thogt she was micro pig but she kept growin n weys 670 pounds!!!  they felled in love with her n piggys n farm anamels in genral n wanted to show pepol that farm anamels shold live in nice condisions n that they is NOT a peas of meat they is pig!!!

here is Esther when she were a baby n supos to be micro piggy  ^_^

you can read abot her here 

she live with lot o freindz you shold go to look at her fasebock page n look at all picsures n videoz


MMMMMM PIEZ!!!!!!!!!!!



Linda  ^_^


2 thoughts on “PIGGY POWAR!!!

  1. We luf piggywigglys. The Holman we live wif looks bit leyek a piggywiggly but smells and eats much worserer than a piggywiggly. We like that animules on your blog Linda

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