i has only been abel to post pics now cos Elaine had terrabel headace.  i did not post em when i said i wold, but i did NOT promis i wold so it is not like i broked it or were lyin.  ask Elaine if you do not belef me.

here is nise picsures of me n presants what i told you abot


here is me with sticker albam.  i alredy put some sticker in it.  i will show you what ones i has put in!

stickers in albem

stickers in albem

i got a LOT more to put in but it is not somthin you can do with out plannin.  you need to look at page n deside where sticker wold look best.  some leefs i stuck in has come off :/  not verry sticky sticker lol.

can you see littel Tuffy photobomin?  he have been recovary buddy for Elaine when she were poorly.  i said he coud be.  he was verry good buddy!

next presant yum yum CHOKLIT!!!


waitin for choklit party?  me to!  not sure wehn it will hapen yet but probly week end.

befor i go i will let you see new membar of fambly who is Baby Olek.


he is here with his cuggly n Travis who is his best freind.  i will tell you mor abot him in fusur post.  he is famos n was on tely.  he went to Africa n got left there by his crual parant n so he come back here to live with nise fambly we has ^_^  pic is bit blury cos Olek were bein wigly like babys do!

now i has to go

i hope you like picsures!




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