chocklit chit chat

probs gonoo be a reglar feasur wich is revoos of chocklit.  i has this idea cos i am live in Englend n resently lot o Americen sweetz n chocklit has been on sale in shop from big fansy shop to cheep shop what poor pepol shop in.

it is a lot more ecspensif than chocklit what is here like marz barz, snickerz, normel MnMs, crunshy, topic, kit kat, normel chewin gumz, mr kiplins victorien sponsh, dubel deckar, lion barz, froot n nutz, n lot more what is in Englend.


well i got a freind to do a revoo of one of the Americen chocklit barz.  his name is Darren but that is all infermason i will give.

here is what he put in a email abot his ecsperiens with 3 MUSKATEERS what were pershas in WH SMITHS.




battel o the barz!!!


i done some resersh n found an intrestin FACT.  in Americer THEY HAS MILKY WAY!  here is where it get intresting IT IS MARS BAR!  americens are RELLY gettin chocklit verry rong.  here is a fingy off yootoob where a americen is tellin us abot OUR milky wayz n THIER milky wayz (what is relly a marz bar).   There is more abot it here if you wanoo reed it cos it seem it is leaf a LOT o pepol confuse.

i persanly do NOT like milky wayz so wold NOT eat one o the fingz what Darren did.  i sudges you do not eat one n all.

PS CHOCKLIT PARTY HAS BEEN POSPONT!!!  CHOCKLIT STOK HAVE BEEN GETIN LOW (hehe) N NEED SOMEONE like Elaine TO GO N GET SOME MORE!!!  do not wory tho i is not bingin.  i only has a pis now n agen.

hope you like chocklit feasur.  leme kno if you like it n i will do more somtime

freind n felow chocklit lovar

Linda  ^_^


2 thoughts on “chocklit chit chat

  1. Ugh. It’s all wrong. A milky way is milky, light and fluffy, like the name suggests. Not a mini brick of thick chocklit and caramel (IT’S PRONOUNCED CARAMEL), which is heavy and filling. No wonder there’s so many gun murders :/

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    • hey fank you for feed backs! milky way is what you can eat between meelz with out it rooinin your apatit. mars bars is what you has as main meel. you is rigt. mars a day halp you work rest n play with gunz whish is not verry good at all.


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