ASMR revew n update!

Elo!  it is Linda ^_^

it is VERRY long time sinse i post on blog but that is becos i has been VERRY busy.  i been makein fingz for bissniss, reedin news, makein news, observin creatifity, bein creatif.  BEIN KIDNAP, gettin rescue.  SO MUSH STUFFS!!!

i thogt it time that i wrote somat becos i has a LOT o e mail askein what i been doin n relly wantin me to come back cos you is wonderin what is hapenin to freind Linda but i is okay.  do not ask me to put harts n that on profile cos i relly is okay n it will pis me off if you do that cos it is annoy!!!!!!


i been wotshin a lot o asmr vidyo youtoob cos you know i been asmr artist n so like to keep fingar on puls of what is goin down in asmr world.  this is revew of a asmr artist what elaine wotsh.  i had idea to chooz one of her vidyos n tell you all abot it n all stuffs what is hapenin in it n tecnical stuffs.  it is serias revew so if you get stuck on any wordz e me n i will tell you what they mean.

here is me in pop up spase vewin room.


you can see i is wearin a verry cool dress!  it is made o paper n it is somat me n sister Marcis is design.  we is gonoo do a pop up paper dress work shop verry soon n will post detail here.  they is very conveenient n this one have sqware on it n you can color in your own design n that.  ticket to event will be £17.17 n it is a spase for comunity to get togethar n be create!


ANY WAY the asmr vidyo i choose is


ASMR mania is Rushan lady who speek Englesh but not verry well.  she do lot o vidyos like when she wosh your hairz, pratends to be your secretery, n do other stuffs like pratend to be teasher.  there is one where she has got littel doll n draw it!


me wotshin asmr in pop up vewin spase. for asmr ear pones is a must has!

i done this one cos i like the titel.  what happen is she pratend she is lady who work in swit shop.  it have sound of eatin. that is not verry nise (eew!) but i wanted to look at her swits if i is veryy honast with you ^_^ (n i do NOT like havein hairz wosh even roll play).

she have done up room to look like swit shop. she make flower out of tissoo paper n got bockes of switz what she done all pretty in tissoo paper. it look VERRY nise like a party! she is makein bocks look nise n nise crinkel sound.


she make bocks look nise n it make crinkel sound. there is lot o swits what is probly from £world

she notis you come in to her shop n ask how you is. she say durin this week we test chocklit swit! she say they is “chocklit nowaltys presented in thier inspection” n she will wilinly tell me abot the noweltys n I will have “happy ocason” to TRY EM ALL!!!!!

she ask what switz i prafer. i say CHOCKLIT n she hear me n say what sort of chocklit do I like best. with nut or somat.

she give me a chocklit n say it is from a factry in her land. she unrap it n it make nise crinkel. she have one n all. they is soft creem fillin with shreded nut n cover with milk glaze. she have a bite n it is VERRY crunshy. she eat chocklit with her mouf close wish is good.


this chocklit is nise with cup o tea!

she say chocklit is espesally delishos with tea n go n make a cup o tea for me. this is VERRY good swit shop!


Marcia notis lady is wearin a top what have bird cage on it n commant it is nise.

now we have another chocklit from difrant factry. it is milk chocklit with orange n it is glaze like last one. she bite it n it is NOT verry crunshy. she say it is intarestin swit.


nise choklit what have orange in it

she say next one is VERRY tasty. she say where they is made. it is glaze n has creemy “feelink” with hazal nut n have an “elejant rappink”. Marcia agree. is you? she smell chocklit n look verry happy!!! she say it is delisous n light. MmmMMmmMMmmmmm. it is verry crunshy. she say it is possabel to scoff all swit at onse coz of size n so is imposabel to share.


this chocklit have “elejant wrappink”

this lady love chocklit almost as mush as i like it!
next chocklit she do not eat. i fink she is getin a bit full in the tummy! it is for kidz n have disny persen on raper. they do not contain nut. it have LITTEL MERMAID on it.


choklit for kidz what has picsure of Littel Mermaid on it


next chocklit she say have chocklit lip kisses on rapper. she show it you so you beleif her n do not say she is lieing.


she do NOT lie


she do fase what tell me she is feel a littel bit sick cos she eat so mush chocklit.  it is funny! on a serias note artist DO suffer for their workingz.



this chocklit have caramal.  it is not crunshy but chewey n you hear a lot o horrabel chewing sound.  it is not nise but chocklit will be nise or she would of spit it out in hand. she like this one verry mush she say but caramal stick to teef.

next one is VERRY BIG!


BIG chocklit!

it have caramal n hazel nut with added coco buter.  it is the crunshyest so far but i notis she only take littel bite. she say it is popalar in Germany n Switserland.

she start laugh when she say she will try another cos it is obv she is feel a littel bit poorley now.  she say YOU CAN’T? n agree it is verry “nutrisanist”.

Marcia have been sayin that she eat a LOT o calarys n it is nise that she enjoy chocklit but she need to wotsh her figar or she will get obees if she carry on with bing.

what she do is give me a packash of a mix of switz


chosin some choclitz you can take home (only roll play) :(

she tell us what she is chose but do not eat em.

this vidyo was verry good. i lern a LOT abot chocklit in her land n she went to trobel of makein room nise like party.  i did NOT like slushin sounds of chooing, but i like crinkel sound of rappin. she allso give help full hint to buy small chocklit cos you get more in a killo. it is shame there is not pop up swit shop where you can go n get free switz n cup o tea :(

i were VERRY hungrey for chocklit after this n look for plase i can get this switz. it is here


feel free to get some for your self n feel free to buy some from Linda.  send me e mail n i will give you adress to sent em to.  fank you in advanse ^_^

Buy Rushan switz here

i hope you like this post n find it educasonal n i has let you know a littel bit more abot asmr tecnics n chocklit from other landz.

if you use this info for your essay at skool do not forget to say it is from Linda’s blog.

i will post soon all abot paper dress pop up spase.

until then be nise ^_^


Linda XXX



2 thoughts on “ASMR revew n update!

  1. It is almost a year since your last post! I am really happy to see another educational post! I must be honest, I think your pop up viewing space and pop-up paper clothes are better than the lady’s pop-up ASMR sweet shop! I was imagining tasting those chocolates and was getting a good feeling. Maybe this is why Elaine watches so much ASMR? She just pretends she’s being fed chocolates, aeroplane food, treats at a spa and so on.

    I like learning about chocolate from around the world. I will get you some German ones if you want it as I know where sells real German chocolate although it is not too fancy, to be honest. Although I know you like some German chocolate: Kinder was invented in Germany.

    That last picture is a bit ‘I’ve just found a small dog poo’, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • it is nise that you commant ^_^ fank yoo freind.

      it is componant of asmr roll play that persenal attenson make vewer feel spesal. from talk with sister Edith i learn elaine fill gap in life n like attenson but only in pratend world. she do not like bein tush by persan it is nise she can pratend to have hair wosh n black head remove n that n do not have to do it in real. it is that or she is to poor to get it done in real :( i no spa is her favrit asmr n like ones abot paper n stasonery.

      i did no kinder were Germen coz i get elaine to read stuffs off packit so i learn all abot world chocklit. kinder is niiiiiiiiiise ^_^ i wold VERRY mush like some real Germen chockit for ecsperiens. me n sisters cold revew it on blog. ritter n milka is allso Germen. yes, they is bit plain but nise.
      NOT all is plain tho there is posh chocklit.

      i no lady asmr mania has cat so it migt be off littar tray xD when i go n do culsural exshange with her i will be veryy carefull to make sure all chocklit is indavidaly raped so i no it is not kitty shizel lol!!!!!


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