Bit o a “situason”

when i post last blog i write to ASMR Mania n say i were gonoo go n stay at her hows in Rusha n eat chocklit n teash her English.

Elaine were VERRY consern abot it n last nigt we wotsh sumat on you toob what show me what Rusha is like.

it is filmz abot childran growin up in that land n what life is like when there is no chockit all the time.

it make me bit fricken.

we first see childran when they is 7 n now they is teenage 14.

one girl is VERRY brainey.  she do not go to skool coz she is too brainey!  she collect books n speak lot o langwishes.  i think she wold be good freind.  here is some of book she collect.


too brainey for skool


another boy do not like skool. he collect beer can n cig packit. he been collectin em for 5 year. he like to take his cloves off with his freind n they hit eash other with twigz!!!


he collect beer can NOT book


he like to get swety with freind n show bumz 


there is boy what like rap. he have chickenz what he keep in his bed room in a bocks


he do rap song n let his chickenz out of the bocks n they have pop up rap party in his room

this one have 12 brother n sisters n she have no telly.  she lisan to her mum read Bibel story.  she is VERRY qweer.  she do not like skool cos they tell her humenz were NOT made in a garden one day.



She do not beleif proper FACT but beleif in Bibel 


one girl is in mentel hospital coz she tried to make her self dead18


this one do NOT live in mentel hospital but she allso took pillz



where is littel boy who is from plase simalar to where Blythe is made.  when he were 7 he have big dreem o bein a film maker.  now he sell chooin gum



two sisters wanted to be ballay danser when they was older but now they wotsh crap on telly n like boyz


Rushan boy are good at gifts! 


she wotsh crap americen telly show


Dorian say they is all gettin like america cos they stop haveing iron curtens.  a lot of childran think iron curtens were better


it is verry violens in Rusha in some plases.

one littel boy lived in plase for orphen coz his mum n dad they die n his grama cold not feed him.  when he got famos on telly coz of show lots of pepol in the world say we will have him n he went to live with fambly in america but they did not like him n he cry


the lady want him to get sent back to Rusha.  it were difacolt to get him to america in first plase cos USALLY only disabeld kidz can go n get adops in Rusha but he were famos so they sent him to a plase where the fambly did not like him at all. at end of show he were livin with another fambly in america.  i do not no if he like it. me n sisters are VERRY happy in England with Elaine n Darren.  We is VERRY lucky.

this littel boy was in first film.  he had no home cos solshers crush his hows n he live in camp made o wooden tent.  this is sad part tho



they did not find him when he were 14.  i hope he have hows now.


SO I DO NOT THINK IT IS VERRY GOOD TO GO TO RUSHA.  there is lot of sadnes n war n bad pepol unles you is VERRY rish.

i will have to think o an ecscus to say why i can not be collect from post offis (probly say i is havein periad) where lady off asmr you toob live.  it is to dangaros to go n i see why elaine is scare for me.  even when boys give you stickarz n lollyz it is not worth takeing risk cos i can get elaine to buy me chocklit n stickarz from wilkinsen.

i wold advis you do NOT go for holaday there.  even tho palitacal situason in England is not verry good it cold be a lot wors.  do NOT figt over fonez n stuffs cos some littel childran do not have nowt of thier own in hole world  :(

hope this is not to depres but some time every one need “realaty check”.  that is what Elaine say to me when i start showt when chocklit is all gone.






2 thoughts on “Bit o a “situason”

  1. I like that you are seeing different cultures from all over the world but this made me very sad. Especially for the little boy they never found again. :( I also feel bad for the little boy who went to America. He probably thought his life had ‘turned a corner’ and was going to be happy forever and then some stupid woman wanted to send him back. He must have been heartbroken. :(

    I find it funny that the little girl doesn’t believe that humans descended from apes as, out of all the little boys and girls in the programme, she is the one with the monkey face! :D

    Also, Elaine probably thinks she’s like the brainy girl with all the books. We know she’s more like the little boy who collects beer cans and cigarette packets. :D

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    • you know what tho the orphen boy do NOT wanoo be in any more show. I sawed that in articel. he is pis off with life :(

      yes, bibel girl do not look humen like her fase were made in a mould what is wonk. Elaine fink she look like mutent in the hill have eyez.

      sawed a bit o kidz when they is 21 (OLD GULP) n the brainey girl is now a mentel. she have depress verry bad n do nowt. she die hairs black n like vamirez n do paintin to help depress.girl what wotsh telly n like boyz look like what is call a tart. she do tan n to mush make ups n goes in bmw car with freinds n lisen to what is call chav music like on holaday when pepil go n what is call make out. Non of em is verry happy sinse iron curtens got tooked down :(

      i can not go cos i is haveing periad ;)

      Liked by 1 person

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