soz. i is busy scofin yam yam!

somat VERRY grate happen what make me verry exsited!!!  elaine got back from byin rubish in shopz n say LINDA THERE IS A PACKIT HERE FOR YOU.  i thoght hm that is odd i has not order owt of internets with Elaines paypal butten.  i open it n it is BIG BIG BAR OF CHOCKLIT N A BIG BIG BIG PACKIT O CHOCKLIT SWITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  IT IS CHOCKLIT WHAT IS MADE WHERE ASMR MANIA LADY LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

it is presant off best freind Darren!  he say i need to do blog abot forin chocklit!  i were a bit scare about eat Rushan chockit cos after what i sawed on you toob.  it cold be drug or made o chiken feets.  Elaine were VERRY kind n sugest with Darren they try one eash to make sure they is not drug.  they did NOT feel qweer after eatin one so they is not poisen. YEHHHHHHH!   Elaine say i WILL not like em tho n she shold eat em insted coz they taste o dog bref, mows n flys.  sister Dorian say that is rubish cos she have had em n they is VERRY tasty!!!!!

tomorow i gonoo do a pop up Rushen chocklit tasteing spase with some sisters n we will tell you all abot factry it were made in n what is in it n how it taste.  i will do some picsures but NOT a vidyo coz it is not nise to hear suckin o chocklit n i do not care what some freeks what say they do say.  it is to gros n persanly i think they shold go n get some help n that.

here is picsure of me with messesh to Darren.  you is verry verry kind n generos persen.


my messesh to Darren!

fank wow!!!  i is verry greatfull !!!!!!!!

Elaine gone n got some stuffs for her feets what make em nise n not scaley or crack or owt n have spesal sock what you wear when you put it on.  Marcia will do it n all in pamper party tonigt but will not wear sock.  she only wear tits coz she has styal! Marcia allso got a new pen!  it is METEL PINK.  she let me borow it to do messash for Darren but she will use it to do invatasons n gosip letter to freind Gwen Stefani who live in draw n Robb who live on sofa neer winder.

befor i go i will show you somat funny.  it is littel Suzume who foto bom when i were tryeing to have serias picsure done.  she is verry funny n allways do stuffs like this!

WP_20160824_16_19_05_Pro (2)

Suzume suprise Elaine n made her jump n fone allmos come out o her hand!

that is all for now.  i relly HAD to share grate news with you!

hope you will like next blog post as mush as i like makein it yam yam!!!





2 thoughts on “soz. i is busy scofin yam yam!

  1. We are very, very, very glad you liked them. When Darren bought them he didn’t know what he was buying as the website was in Russian! The only thing that wasn’t in Russian was the PayPal bit! He just knew they were sweets and chocolate! It was a good idea that Elaine made Darren taste them to make sure it didn’t taste of mouse or dog breath though – just in case!

    Please, please, please don’t bing on them though. Just a bit every now and again. We don’t want to read or hear any more sad binging stories. :(

    It is good to Suzume too as we don’t think she’s been on blog before and it’s been a long time since we saw her. She if funny. Not with jokes but with her funny Suzume ways.

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    • PayPal is easey init! you know what tho suzume is old lady but only speek in Japanese! i will aks if she wanoo go on cofee lunsh with yous twos. i will not bing but i wanoo eat lot o chocklit when i is doin periad :(. i will share some swit n big bar with you. Shareing is careing. you is BEST!


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