chocklit event!

this week end i is haveing spesal chocklit tasteing event tasteing chocklits what Darren boght for me this week!

invited gests is Gabz Nell n Suzume. they will be tasteing allso n givin thier opinian n mark out o 10 for chocklit.

this is where it happen


i make spase look pretty n comfy.  Dorian help with poster.  it say I LOVE CHOCKLIT! TASTEY! CULTURAL! whish is what week end is gonoo be!  that is one o chocklit swits we is gonoo revew.

i aks Gabz n Nell what is thier favrit chocklit swit.  Gabz like Twix n Curley Wurley. she say she like a chalange.  Nell like Revels cos she like elemant of suprise n allso the chocklit what pop cos it have spase dust in it cos it make lipz tingel ^_^  Suzume like whit chocklit buttenz.

i got to go n plan event now.

see you soon!







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