chocklit revew PART ONE Laima Serenāde

how have been your bank holaday week end.  did you go to carnivel?  we did not coz pepol get stab n that.  we did our chocklit event whish is mush more plesent!

first one what we test is Laima Serenāde chocklit bar.  it have elejant wrapink n have picsures of music instramants on front n picsure of what is in this chocklit.  you can see this have apricop n hazel nutz.


bar o chocklit we revew


company got together in 1870 n they use same resipy what they have been useing for almost a hundrad year!  it is made in Latvia.  it were part of Rusha untill resently when iron curtens were taken down.



Latvia when iron curtens


it is here on map


Latvia with out iron curtens


that is where the chocklit is from but now impotant qweshon – HOW DO IT TASTE?  

i took pis out o raper.  i do not know what to exspec.  ingrediant is in forin so i do not know if it is liqwid centar or hard or what ???

ingrediant on internets say it is “fruit jelly, apricots, nuts and a touch of magic that only a real chocolatier knows“. interaresting!


it is nesesary to eat the choklit to find out taste!

it is not possabel to tell by tush alone.  i think we need a cup o tea n see what is inside this chunk o goodness!


chocklit is best with cup o tea so Elaine got cup o tea in sosesh dog cup. she do not dip chocklit pis in to long cos that wold make it drop into tea n that wold not be good for test perpas.

chocklit is dark.  it has no less than 39% coco whish is a good chocklit.  inside is NOT soft, it have bit o dried froot n nut in it!  haveing high content o coco i wold think it migt be a littel bit bitter like what Lindt chocklit migt be but bitternas of chocklit is verry nisely conbined with a littel suger frootines of apricop pises.

it is a VERRY tastey chocklit n proov of good qwality dark chocklit is that it is verry rish n so you can NOT bing on it.  one pis n you is satisfy.  littel nut pises are spesal n togethar it is all verry clevar, delicat n tastey conbinason!

elaine had to test befor i try cos it migt have drug or somat cos it is from Rusha.  she try n then go LINDAAAAAA I IS DIEING…..IT BURN……..IT IS POISAN!!!  n she fall on bed n look like she die.  i were VERRY scared.  i were scared cos if it were poisan then i do not get to do blog what i promis Darren!  i say to marcia, o elaine is die you can cut up her posh cloves now n make frockz in your size!  Elaine suddanly came alive again at this point n go O NO YOU DO NOT.  hehe.

any way she pratend it is poisan but it not relly but it still make Nell bit scare o tryin. her fase show she is scare


she did try tho cos she sawed that i is alrigt after eatin some.  she were verry suprise at bits o nut n froot in it n say she have never taste sush tastey chocklit!


Gabz relly like how it smell!

Gabz try next.  she smell it n think it is verry good.  she say she will have baff one day if she can have meltad chocklit insted o water xD   she like the chewey jelly pises best. i think this is cos she like caremel n like a chewey elament to her chocklit ecsperiens.


we enjoy this chocklit VERRY mush and spend many howers talk abot it n tryin more to make sure we relly do like it.

we will revew othar chocklit in next post.

if you is gonoo do chocklit tasteing remamaber to put a tissoo arownd your cloves to pratect it from chocklit pises.  allso you gonoo have to brush teefs so they do not go black n fall out.

hope you like this revew!  we dedicat this post to Willy Wonka who have die today :(  even tho you make horrabel americen chocklit, fank you for all you done for chocklit lover o the world even if your product were poor quality.







2 thoughts on “chocklit revew PART ONE Laima Serenāde

  1. Linda, your chocolate experience sounded great! Did you get the map of Iron Curtain Latvia from wikipedia? It’s a funny map as it’s all bent like a banana. The country where you live now you’re not in a box is at the top left hand side and is at a funny angle! It’s flat on it’s back like Elaine in bed all the time!

    Anyway, we all thought your review was much better than the map. The review was very thorough and we think it’s the first time you’ve done a firmness test. The chocolate piece looked very big next to your little hand. Toot thought it might have been a Little’s hand at first!

    We are all glad you saw through Elaine’s lies and tricks and we were sad it scared Nell who looked very frightened! it’s good to see Gabz in the review too as we’ve missed her blog appearances since her excellent film review. It’s also good that you, Gabz and Nell all enjoyed the chocolate too. It looked very posh with the forks!

    TRIGGER WARNING!!! We’re glad it’s a rich chocolate as it will be too rich to bing in case you are having a bad time.

    Thanks for the tip about putting tissues on clothes when eating chocolates. Darren does a similar thing when he brushes his teeth before he gos out! He puts a towel round my neck like he is Henry the VIII at a feast! He doesn’t do it to catch bits of chicken drumstick though, just to stop toothpaste going all over his shirts because he is a clumsy get who has to do his own washing!

    The next piece of chocolate we have, we will dedicate it to Willy Wonka :(

    Liked by 1 person

  2. map is from wikisyclopeedea but it do not matter that it is a bit wonk n that cos it is ONLY to give generel idea where it is on planat n if you done a map what were real it wold be so big it wold not even fit on a desk it wold be as big as planat! LITRALY!

    firmnes test was idea i have. it is like game what nell play when she try to gess Revel chocklit swits.

    nell is not scare no more. she IN FAC have more chocklit sinse then. it make her feel less scare like what them pillz do to Elaine. hope fully Nell will not have to go to herowin senter to stop eatin em tho hehe.

    i did do fork cos it look nise. presantason is key facter in blog. i gone n done nise presantason in next picys n all. you will see it soon!

    fank you for thoghtfull triger warnin. i is spesal snow flake n has to warn abot all fings in world what is not nise n need safe spase cos i is verry sensatif. LOL j/k i is verry tuff n do not need to be raped in cottan woll. i is VERRY street wize cos o bad life i have in bocks n that.

    pro tipz! elaine use black toof past cos she is goff but it still leaf blobz on clove but she rub it with wet wipe. they is sumat like 70p in cheep shop so you can get em if you wannoo but make sure you put lid back on packit or they is dry up.

    you will has lot o chocklit to eat for willy wonka cos i shareing mine with you if nell do not eat it all!

    freind Линда (that say Linda in Rushan!) xxxxx

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