anty depresent withdronal HELL :(

soz that i has not update for a wile but i is VERRY poorley at the momant.  i has spokan lot abot my struggel with mentel elf problam becos there is no stigma n that so i will tell you what is happen.

becos of bad fings what happan in past i got depress.  i were told i had to take tablit call ANTY DEPRESENT.  at first i were scare abot it n sat at tabel with glass o water with tablit in fingas n did not no what to do.  do i take it?  will it make me feel better?  will pepol call me a spaz if they know?  will it give me trip like snifin gloo?

i tooked it.

what happen tho were this.  i gone n got fat.  it is sumet to do with how it effec body so when i started to eat loadz o chocklit i gone n got verry fat.  here is picsure.


this is me cos of “mirtazapine”

well it make me verry mush more depress cos you no i is usally a very nise slim littel girl.

even tho i no it is not good idea to go n stop takein tablits i stop takein tablits all o a suddan.

this is what happen


me feelin poorley in bed n like there is no reeson to go on with life

i were tellin every one on internets abot it, tellin every one on bus, train, in shops, all strangars what i sawed.  i lost TEN STONES in a day.  my mood is verry bad.  i keep cryeing abot littel things n wantin to jump off a bildin n swetin all over n gettin a fizy head n put ten stones back on n goin on twiter n askin strangars what to do cos i is verry depress cos it is a VERRY strong tablit like heroin.  well it is acsualy strongar than heroin n all drugz in the world.  i can not get out o bed or do owt (not even colorin in).

sisters was verry undastandin but gabz say that even edith is gettin a littel bit pis off with me now for bangein on abot it.

it mihgt take MUMFS to get off it n i cant be arse to phone docter n ask advise becos it is new hoby to talk abot my battel with anty depres.


if i get throh this i will post again soon n let you no how i is gettin on.

your poorley freind

Linda :(