anty depresent withdronal HELL :(

soz that i has not update for a wile but i is VERRY poorley at the momant.  i has spokan lot abot my struggel with mentel elf problam becos there is no stigma n that so i will tell you what is happen.

becos of bad fings what happan in past i got depress.  i were told i had to take tablit call ANTY DEPRESENT.  at first i were scare abot it n sat at tabel with glass o water with tablit in fingas n did not no what to do.  do i take it?  will it make me feel better?  will pepol call me a spaz if they know?  will it give me trip like snifin gloo?

i tooked it.

what happen tho were this.  i gone n got fat.  it is sumet to do with how it effec body so when i started to eat loadz o chocklit i gone n got verry fat.  here is picsure.


this is me cos of “mirtazapine”

well it make me verry mush more depress cos you no i is usally a very nise slim littel girl.

even tho i no it is not good idea to go n stop takein tablits i stop takein tablits all o a suddan.

this is what happen


me feelin poorley in bed n like there is no reeson to go on with life

i were tellin every one on internets abot it, tellin every one on bus, train, in shops, all strangars what i sawed.  i lost TEN STONES in a day.  my mood is verry bad.  i keep cryeing abot littel things n wantin to jump off a bildin n swetin all over n gettin a fizy head n put ten stones back on n goin on twiter n askin strangars what to do cos i is verry depress cos it is a VERRY strong tablit like heroin.  well it is acsualy strongar than heroin n all drugz in the world.  i can not get out o bed or do owt (not even colorin in).

sisters was verry undastandin but gabz say that even edith is gettin a littel bit pis off with me now for bangein on abot it.

it mihgt take MUMFS to get off it n i cant be arse to phone docter n ask advise becos it is new hoby to talk abot my battel with anty depres.


if i get throh this i will post again soon n let you no how i is gettin on.

your poorley freind

Linda :(





chocklit chit chat

probs gonoo be a reglar feasur wich is revoos of chocklit.  i has this idea cos i am live in Englend n resently lot o Americen sweetz n chocklit has been on sale in shop from big fansy shop to cheep shop what poor pepol shop in.

it is a lot more ecspensif than chocklit what is here like marz barz, snickerz, normel MnMs, crunshy, topic, kit kat, normel chewin gumz, mr kiplins victorien sponsh, dubel deckar, lion barz, froot n nutz, n lot more what is in Englend.


well i got a freind to do a revoo of one of the Americen chocklit barz.  his name is Darren but that is all infermason i will give.

here is what he put in a email abot his ecsperiens with 3 MUSKATEERS what were pershas in WH SMITHS.




battel o the barz!!!


i done some resersh n found an intrestin FACT.  in Americer THEY HAS MILKY WAY!  here is where it get intresting IT IS MARS BAR!  americens are RELLY gettin chocklit verry rong.  here is a fingy off yootoob where a americen is tellin us abot OUR milky wayz n THIER milky wayz (what is relly a marz bar).   There is more abot it here if you wanoo reed it cos it seem it is leaf a LOT o pepol confuse.

i persanly do NOT like milky wayz so wold NOT eat one o the fingz what Darren did.  i sudges you do not eat one n all.

PS CHOCKLIT PARTY HAS BEEN POSPONT!!!  CHOCKLIT STOK HAVE BEEN GETIN LOW (hehe) N NEED SOMEONE like Elaine TO GO N GET SOME MORE!!!  do not wory tho i is not bingin.  i only has a pis now n agen.

hope you like chocklit feasur.  leme kno if you like it n i will do more somtime

freind n felow chocklit lovar

Linda  ^_^


did you notis that i has not been postin mush resently?  there is reson n i is only tellin you cos i no i can be insparason for others what is goin thru what i is goin thru.

some nasty bish haked into my clowd n pinshed som personel picsures wish sent my littel life in to an rolercoster ride.

you has all probly seen picsure of me stufin Qwaverz in my mowf.  it were a picsure what sister Dorian taked when she were doin spesal survaylens on my condison.

sins this time i has had lot o h8rz sendin masages sayin you is piggy n you fat n stop eatin n Linda is greedy cow n that.

i is trustin you will not jush me when i tell you that i is an over eater. that is rigt, i eat to mush. bingin.  piggin out.  call it what you wana but fact o the mater is that i were eatin lots o snax cos i were seekin comfart for the pain what i felt cos i has had  bad time in life wish you probly read abot in magezeenz.

One o Lindas troo storys abot her past aboos in her littel life

One o Lindas troo storys abot her past aboos in her littel life

i thot that may be that i were eatin to mush cos i were doin stuffs like steelin Elaines snax n eatin in secrat. she start getin thin n it becos i were takin her cakez n biskit.  i wold creep down the stars n go in kitsen cubard n even pinsh aunty anns biskitz, cakez n choklit.

i did not say nowt to sisters but Dorian is clever n she tell me she knew n showded me som picis what she took in secrat.

images (1)

lindaz reacson when she fownd out she had been fownd out for bingin

you has all seen Qwavar qwafin pic so i will not show it again (cos i can NOT find it acsaly).  Here is me bingin on choklit bar

secrat bingin on chocklit bar. one o hundradz ovar the mumfs (foto credit Dorian)

there is many more n i is still too embaresd to show the depf of my bingin but this is the pici what broke camalz back

so hi on creem n caramal sirup i cold not even move after bingin

so hi on creem n caramal sirup i cold not even move after bingin. pici credit Dorian

(here is pici of a camal you can color in if you wanoo)


o i is so embarasad but when i sawed this i new i have to do sumat abot it.  it cold not go on!  i were lyin n pinshin n not fasin up to isoos what i had abot bein forse to live in a bocks in china n japan, havin no love, gypsiez pinshin me for fairgrownd, jimmy spesals… many reson to be feelin pain n depres.

i had so mush saport from sisters for my emosonel eatin compulson. Edith set up an help groop n it were amaze!  i cold discus my problamz n ecsperienses in a safe, confidensal, stigma free enviromant n now i is in recovary. insted of bingin i do drawin n watsh tely n danse.


i does NOT eat cakez sweetz chocklit or snax any more.

smurf give me leeflat what she got when she were havin problam for bein on drugz n alcahal cos of her problams what she shared with us abot how she were put in binz.  it give her bad self asteem but she realiz she is like bionic woman cos she were put togethar n look amazin n we all think she is superhero!!!  we both thot 12 stepz leeflat were bols n did NOT make sens

gobladegook wtf lol

gobladegook wtf lol


Smurf is bionic woman!!!

all you has to do is speek to pepol what care abot you. if you has non then there is pepol what you can speek to on fone who will pratend to care. googel for “bing eatin saport” or somat.

it is not easey n you wil feel like the shitz but there is hope for recovarey.  i will be your freind n help (in a distent kind o way like do NOT start sendin masages to me abot your problamz cos i do NOT have time cos i has a life)


NOT litraly but think o how far i has come n you can do it an all

print this out at libry n stick it on your wallz

images (2)

in fusur i will be startin a saport groop on intanetz where you can buy leeflats what i has wrote n CD of medetason what Edith did, t shirtz, badshez n all that.  not sure if i can be bothad tho so dont hold your bref lol.

dont forget i is thinkin abot you n hope you find pis n over come your demonz.

here is my masage to you



Linda  ^_^