anty depresent withdronal HELL :(

soz that i has not update for a wile but i is VERRY poorley at the momant.  i has spokan lot abot my struggel with mentel elf problam becos there is no stigma n that so i will tell you what is happen.

becos of bad fings what happan in past i got depress.  i were told i had to take tablit call ANTY DEPRESENT.  at first i were scare abot it n sat at tabel with glass o water with tablit in fingas n did not no what to do.  do i take it?  will it make me feel better?  will pepol call me a spaz if they know?  will it give me trip like snifin gloo?

i tooked it.

what happen tho were this.  i gone n got fat.  it is sumet to do with how it effec body so when i started to eat loadz o chocklit i gone n got verry fat.  here is picsure.


this is me cos of “mirtazapine”

well it make me verry mush more depress cos you no i is usally a very nise slim littel girl.

even tho i no it is not good idea to go n stop takein tablits i stop takein tablits all o a suddan.

this is what happen


me feelin poorley in bed n like there is no reeson to go on with life

i were tellin every one on internets abot it, tellin every one on bus, train, in shops, all strangars what i sawed.  i lost TEN STONES in a day.  my mood is verry bad.  i keep cryeing abot littel things n wantin to jump off a bildin n swetin all over n gettin a fizy head n put ten stones back on n goin on twiter n askin strangars what to do cos i is verry depress cos it is a VERRY strong tablit like heroin.  well it is acsualy strongar than heroin n all drugz in the world.  i can not get out o bed or do owt (not even colorin in).

sisters was verry undastandin but gabz say that even edith is gettin a littel bit pis off with me now for bangein on abot it.

it mihgt take MUMFS to get off it n i cant be arse to phone docter n ask advise becos it is new hoby to talk abot my battel with anty depres.


if i get throh this i will post again soon n let you no how i is gettin on.

your poorley freind

Linda :(





Who is Linda?

I gone n tooked some serios test what tell you what sort o person you are n that.

Here is result!



Wich Grimm’s Fairey Tale Is I?




chocklit revew PART ONE Laima Serenāde

how have been your bank holaday week end.  did you go to carnivel?  we did not coz pepol get stab n that.  we did our chocklit event whish is mush more plesent!

first one what we test is Laima Serenāde chocklit bar.  it have elejant wrapink n have picsures of music instramants on front n picsure of what is in this chocklit.  you can see this have apricop n hazel nutz.


bar o chocklit we revew


company got together in 1870 n they use same resipy what they have been useing for almost a hundrad year!  it is made in Latvia.  it were part of Rusha untill resently when iron curtens were taken down.



Latvia when iron curtens


it is here on map


Latvia with out iron curtens


that is where the chocklit is from but now impotant qweshon – HOW DO IT TASTE?  

i took pis out o raper.  i do not know what to exspec.  ingrediant is in forin so i do not know if it is liqwid centar or hard or what ???

ingrediant on internets say it is “fruit jelly, apricots, nuts and a touch of magic that only a real chocolatier knows“. interaresting!


it is nesesary to eat the choklit to find out taste!

it is not possabel to tell by tush alone.  i think we need a cup o tea n see what is inside this chunk o goodness!


chocklit is best with cup o tea so Elaine got cup o tea in sosesh dog cup. she do not dip chocklit pis in to long cos that wold make it drop into tea n that wold not be good for test perpas.

chocklit is dark.  it has no less than 39% coco whish is a good chocklit.  inside is NOT soft, it have bit o dried froot n nut in it!  haveing high content o coco i wold think it migt be a littel bit bitter like what Lindt chocklit migt be but bitternas of chocklit is verry nisely conbined with a littel suger frootines of apricop pises.

it is a VERRY tastey chocklit n proov of good qwality dark chocklit is that it is verry rish n so you can NOT bing on it.  one pis n you is satisfy.  littel nut pises are spesal n togethar it is all verry clevar, delicat n tastey conbinason!

elaine had to test befor i try cos it migt have drug or somat cos it is from Rusha.  she try n then go LINDAAAAAA I IS DIEING…..IT BURN……..IT IS POISAN!!!  n she fall on bed n look like she die.  i were VERRY scared.  i were scared cos if it were poisan then i do not get to do blog what i promis Darren!  i say to marcia, o elaine is die you can cut up her posh cloves now n make frockz in your size!  Elaine suddanly came alive again at this point n go O NO YOU DO NOT.  hehe.

any way she pratend it is poisan but it not relly but it still make Nell bit scare o tryin. her fase show she is scare


she did try tho cos she sawed that i is alrigt after eatin some.  she were verry suprise at bits o nut n froot in it n say she have never taste sush tastey chocklit!


Gabz relly like how it smell!

Gabz try next.  she smell it n think it is verry good.  she say she will have baff one day if she can have meltad chocklit insted o water xD   she like the chewey jelly pises best. i think this is cos she like caremel n like a chewey elament to her chocklit ecsperiens.


we enjoy this chocklit VERRY mush and spend many howers talk abot it n tryin more to make sure we relly do like it.

we will revew othar chocklit in next post.

if you is gonoo do chocklit tasteing remamaber to put a tissoo arownd your cloves to pratect it from chocklit pises.  allso you gonoo have to brush teefs so they do not go black n fall out.

hope you like this revew!  we dedicat this post to Willy Wonka who have die today :(  even tho you make horrabel americen chocklit, fank you for all you done for chocklit lover o the world even if your product were poor quality.






chocklit event!

this week end i is haveing spesal chocklit tasteing event tasteing chocklits what Darren boght for me this week!

invited gests is Gabz Nell n Suzume. they will be tasteing allso n givin thier opinian n mark out o 10 for chocklit.

this is where it happen


i make spase look pretty n comfy.  Dorian help with poster.  it say I LOVE CHOCKLIT! TASTEY! CULTURAL! whish is what week end is gonoo be!  that is one o chocklit swits we is gonoo revew.

i aks Gabz n Nell what is thier favrit chocklit swit.  Gabz like Twix n Curley Wurley. she say she like a chalange.  Nell like Revels cos she like elemant of suprise n allso the chocklit what pop cos it have spase dust in it cos it make lipz tingel ^_^  Suzume like whit chocklit buttenz.

i got to go n plan event now.

see you soon!






soz. i is busy scofin yam yam!

somat VERRY grate happen what make me verry exsited!!!  elaine got back from byin rubish in shopz n say LINDA THERE IS A PACKIT HERE FOR YOU.  i thoght hm that is odd i has not order owt of internets with Elaines paypal butten.  i open it n it is BIG BIG BAR OF CHOCKLIT N A BIG BIG BIG PACKIT O CHOCKLIT SWITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  IT IS CHOCKLIT WHAT IS MADE WHERE ASMR MANIA LADY LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

it is presant off best freind Darren!  he say i need to do blog abot forin chocklit!  i were a bit scare about eat Rushan chockit cos after what i sawed on you toob.  it cold be drug or made o chiken feets.  Elaine were VERRY kind n sugest with Darren they try one eash to make sure they is not drug.  they did NOT feel qweer after eatin one so they is not poisen. YEHHHHHHH!   Elaine say i WILL not like em tho n she shold eat em insted coz they taste o dog bref, mows n flys.  sister Dorian say that is rubish cos she have had em n they is VERRY tasty!!!!!

tomorow i gonoo do a pop up Rushen chocklit tasteing spase with some sisters n we will tell you all abot factry it were made in n what is in it n how it taste.  i will do some picsures but NOT a vidyo coz it is not nise to hear suckin o chocklit n i do not care what some freeks what say they do say.  it is to gros n persanly i think they shold go n get some help n that.

here is picsure of me with messesh to Darren.  you is verry verry kind n generos persen.


my messesh to Darren!

fank wow!!!  i is verry greatfull !!!!!!!!

Elaine gone n got some stuffs for her feets what make em nise n not scaley or crack or owt n have spesal sock what you wear when you put it on.  Marcia will do it n all in pamper party tonigt but will not wear sock.  she only wear tits coz she has styal! Marcia allso got a new pen!  it is METEL PINK.  she let me borow it to do messash for Darren but she will use it to do invatasons n gosip letter to freind Gwen Stefani who live in draw n Robb who live on sofa neer winder.

befor i go i will show you somat funny.  it is littel Suzume who foto bom when i were tryeing to have serias picsure done.  she is verry funny n allways do stuffs like this!

WP_20160824_16_19_05_Pro (2)

Suzume suprise Elaine n made her jump n fone allmos come out o her hand!

that is all for now.  i relly HAD to share grate news with you!

hope you will like next blog post as mush as i like makein it yam yam!!!




Bit o a “situason”

when i post last blog i write to ASMR Mania n say i were gonoo go n stay at her hows in Rusha n eat chocklit n teash her English.

Elaine were VERRY consern abot it n last nigt we wotsh sumat on you toob what show me what Rusha is like.

it is filmz abot childran growin up in that land n what life is like when there is no chockit all the time.

it make me bit fricken.

we first see childran when they is 7 n now they is teenage 14.

one girl is VERRY brainey.  she do not go to skool coz she is too brainey!  she collect books n speak lot o langwishes.  i think she wold be good freind.  here is some of book she collect.


too brainey for skool


another boy do not like skool. he collect beer can n cig packit. he been collectin em for 5 year. he like to take his cloves off with his freind n they hit eash other with twigz!!!


he collect beer can NOT book


he like to get swety with freind n show bumz 


there is boy what like rap. he have chickenz what he keep in his bed room in a bocks


he do rap song n let his chickenz out of the bocks n they have pop up rap party in his room

this one have 12 brother n sisters n she have no telly.  she lisan to her mum read Bibel story.  she is VERRY qweer.  she do not like skool cos they tell her humenz were NOT made in a garden one day.



She do not beleif proper FACT but beleif in Bibel 


one girl is in mentel hospital coz she tried to make her self dead18


this one do NOT live in mentel hospital but she allso took pillz



where is littel boy who is from plase simalar to where Blythe is made.  when he were 7 he have big dreem o bein a film maker.  now he sell chooin gum



two sisters wanted to be ballay danser when they was older but now they wotsh crap on telly n like boyz


Rushan boy are good at gifts! 


she wotsh crap americen telly show


Dorian say they is all gettin like america cos they stop haveing iron curtens.  a lot of childran think iron curtens were better


it is verry violens in Rusha in some plases.

one littel boy lived in plase for orphen coz his mum n dad they die n his grama cold not feed him.  when he got famos on telly coz of show lots of pepol in the world say we will have him n he went to live with fambly in america but they did not like him n he cry


the lady want him to get sent back to Rusha.  it were difacolt to get him to america in first plase cos USALLY only disabeld kidz can go n get adops in Rusha but he were famos so they sent him to a plase where the fambly did not like him at all. at end of show he were livin with another fambly in america.  i do not no if he like it. me n sisters are VERRY happy in England with Elaine n Darren.  We is VERRY lucky.

this littel boy was in first film.  he had no home cos solshers crush his hows n he live in camp made o wooden tent.  this is sad part tho



they did not find him when he were 14.  i hope he have hows now.


SO I DO NOT THINK IT IS VERRY GOOD TO GO TO RUSHA.  there is lot of sadnes n war n bad pepol unles you is VERRY rish.

i will have to think o an ecscus to say why i can not be collect from post offis (probly say i is havein periad) where lady off asmr you toob live.  it is to dangaros to go n i see why elaine is scare for me.  even when boys give you stickarz n lollyz it is not worth takeing risk cos i can get elaine to buy me chocklit n stickarz from wilkinsen.

i wold advis you do NOT go for holaday there.  even tho palitacal situason in England is not verry good it cold be a lot wors.  do NOT figt over fonez n stuffs cos some littel childran do not have nowt of thier own in hole world  :(

hope this is not to depres but some time every one need “realaty check”.  that is what Elaine say to me when i start showt when chocklit is all gone.





ASMR revew n update!

Elo!  it is Linda ^_^

it is VERRY long time sinse i post on blog but that is becos i has been VERRY busy.  i been makein fingz for bissniss, reedin news, makein news, observin creatifity, bein creatif.  BEIN KIDNAP, gettin rescue.  SO MUSH STUFFS!!!

i thogt it time that i wrote somat becos i has a LOT o e mail askein what i been doin n relly wantin me to come back cos you is wonderin what is hapenin to freind Linda but i is okay.  do not ask me to put harts n that on profile cos i relly is okay n it will pis me off if you do that cos it is annoy!!!!!!


i been wotshin a lot o asmr vidyo youtoob cos you know i been asmr artist n so like to keep fingar on puls of what is goin down in asmr world.  this is revew of a asmr artist what elaine wotsh.  i had idea to chooz one of her vidyos n tell you all abot it n all stuffs what is hapenin in it n tecnical stuffs.  it is serias revew so if you get stuck on any wordz e me n i will tell you what they mean.

here is me in pop up spase vewin room.


you can see i is wearin a verry cool dress!  it is made o paper n it is somat me n sister Marcis is design.  we is gonoo do a pop up paper dress work shop verry soon n will post detail here.  they is very conveenient n this one have sqware on it n you can color in your own design n that.  ticket to event will be £17.17 n it is a spase for comunity to get togethar n be create!


ANY WAY the asmr vidyo i choose is


ASMR mania is Rushan lady who speek Englesh but not verry well.  she do lot o vidyos like when she wosh your hairz, pratends to be your secretery, n do other stuffs like pratend to be teasher.  there is one where she has got littel doll n draw it!


me wotshin asmr in pop up vewin spase. for asmr ear pones is a must has!

i done this one cos i like the titel.  what happen is she pratend she is lady who work in swit shop.  it have sound of eatin. that is not verry nise (eew!) but i wanted to look at her swits if i is veryy honast with you ^_^ (n i do NOT like havein hairz wosh even roll play).

she have done up room to look like swit shop. she make flower out of tissoo paper n got bockes of switz what she done all pretty in tissoo paper. it look VERRY nise like a party! she is makein bocks look nise n nise crinkel sound.


she make bocks look nise n it make crinkel sound. there is lot o swits what is probly from £world

she notis you come in to her shop n ask how you is. she say durin this week we test chocklit swit! she say they is “chocklit nowaltys presented in thier inspection” n she will wilinly tell me abot the noweltys n I will have “happy ocason” to TRY EM ALL!!!!!

she ask what switz i prafer. i say CHOCKLIT n she hear me n say what sort of chocklit do I like best. with nut or somat.

she give me a chocklit n say it is from a factry in her land. she unrap it n it make nise crinkel. she have one n all. they is soft creem fillin with shreded nut n cover with milk glaze. she have a bite n it is VERRY crunshy. she eat chocklit with her mouf close wish is good.


this chocklit is nise with cup o tea!

she say chocklit is espesally delishos with tea n go n make a cup o tea for me. this is VERRY good swit shop!


Marcia notis lady is wearin a top what have bird cage on it n commant it is nise.

now we have another chocklit from difrant factry. it is milk chocklit with orange n it is glaze like last one. she bite it n it is NOT verry crunshy. she say it is intarestin swit.


nise choklit what have orange in it

she say next one is VERRY tasty. she say where they is made. it is glaze n has creemy “feelink” with hazal nut n have an “elejant rappink”. Marcia agree. is you? she smell chocklit n look verry happy!!! she say it is delisous n light. MmmMMmmMMmmmmm. it is verry crunshy. she say it is possabel to scoff all swit at onse coz of size n so is imposabel to share.


this chocklit have “elejant wrappink”

this lady love chocklit almost as mush as i like it!
next chocklit she do not eat. i fink she is getin a bit full in the tummy! it is for kidz n have disny persen on raper. they do not contain nut. it have LITTEL MERMAID on it.


choklit for kidz what has picsure of Littel Mermaid on it


next chocklit she say have chocklit lip kisses on rapper. she show it you so you beleif her n do not say she is lieing.


she do NOT lie


she do fase what tell me she is feel a littel bit sick cos she eat so mush chocklit.  it is funny! on a serias note artist DO suffer for their workingz.



this chocklit have caramal.  it is not crunshy but chewey n you hear a lot o horrabel chewing sound.  it is not nise but chocklit will be nise or she would of spit it out in hand. she like this one verry mush she say but caramal stick to teef.

next one is VERRY BIG!


BIG chocklit!

it have caramal n hazel nut with added coco buter.  it is the crunshyest so far but i notis she only take littel bite. she say it is popalar in Germany n Switserland.

she start laugh when she say she will try another cos it is obv she is feel a littel bit poorley now.  she say YOU CAN’T? n agree it is verry “nutrisanist”.

Marcia have been sayin that she eat a LOT o calarys n it is nise that she enjoy chocklit but she need to wotsh her figar or she will get obees if she carry on with bing.

what she do is give me a packash of a mix of switz


chosin some choclitz you can take home (only roll play) :(

she tell us what she is chose but do not eat em.

this vidyo was verry good. i lern a LOT abot chocklit in her land n she went to trobel of makein room nise like party.  i did NOT like slushin sounds of chooing, but i like crinkel sound of rappin. she allso give help full hint to buy small chocklit cos you get more in a killo. it is shame there is not pop up swit shop where you can go n get free switz n cup o tea :(

i were VERRY hungrey for chocklit after this n look for plase i can get this switz. it is here


feel free to get some for your self n feel free to buy some from Linda.  send me e mail n i will give you adress to sent em to.  fank you in advanse ^_^

Buy Rushan switz here

i hope you like this post n find it educasonal n i has let you know a littel bit more abot asmr tecnics n chocklit from other landz.

if you use this info for your essay at skool do not forget to say it is from Linda’s blog.

i will post soon all abot paper dress pop up spase.

until then be nise ^_^


Linda XXX


doo doo doo doo dooooo!

got some more chocklit today yipee!  not sure when gonoo have party tho cos Gabz is othar wise engage this week end cos she is gonoo go n see a film for a revoo for blog!

here is some picsures of chocklit monkys.



n here is monkys havin party!


it look like one of Lindas partys!  i is gonoo borow Elaines new brush what curl hairz for my littel bop n probly get new riban off Elaine so i look nise.

more to come




i got some presants today cos Elaine went n got me em when she went out.

i will tell you what i got “BUT” i can NOT show you a pici of me with em “BUT” i will show you tomorow.

i got an STICKER ALBEM!!!  you know i like stickerz A LOT n this is cute littel albem (with stickerz!) to put em in.  i will be putin my favrit sticker in n ones what I will get in fusure. i has to think how to put em in.  most is anamels.

I love stickerz. I have NOT got these one but I wold like em VERRY mush.

I love stickerz. I have NOT got these one but I wold like em VERRY mush.

i got some choklit n all. it is Hershey wite choklit cooky crunsh barz made a good size for me n sisters to share!  not sure when party is gonoo hapen (Elaine have to make cup o tea when we do).  defenetly me n Gabz n Nell is goin to party.  Edith will NOT cos she is vegen.  Marcia will NOT becos she is watshin figer.  Dorian n Smurf migt do n Suzume will try choklit n Robb.  it will be BIG party!!!

I got this

I got this

i is warin jimyjamz this week end cos it is the time to kick of your shoo n relacs.

do you like these Snoopy jamas?  i do.  they is verry cool!

images (2)

hope you is doin same n relacs!

look out for pici of me n presants!!


Linda ^_^

Elo! long time no see

has you miss me?  ^_^

it have been so long sinse i last done blog.  it is becos i has been verry busy doin life stuf.  that is all i will say on matter.

i will tell you tho that i is gunoo be doin more blog.  i has lot o idea abot what to put on it like more gost n film revoo with sister Gabz Commode n genaral chitchatz.

hope you is well as i is.

i leef you with latest picsure of me n sisters.

soon freindz


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