doo doo doo doo dooooo!

got some more chocklit today yipee!  not sure when gonoo have party tho cos Gabz is othar wise engage this week end cos she is gonoo go n see a film for a revoo for blog!

here is some picsures of chocklit monkys.



n here is monkys havin party!


it look like one of Lindas partys!  i is gonoo borow Elaines new brush what curl hairz for my littel bop n probly get new riban off Elaine so i look nise.

more to come




bookz is good! what is Gabz reedin?

did you see blog abot what Edith is reedin?  if you did you will no that this is fesur of mine where i aks sisters what they is reedin at the momant.

i aks Gabz what she is reedin.

Linda – Gabz what is you reedin at momant

Gabz – i been reedin some film magasin of Elaines call SIGHT N SOUND INTERNASONAL FILM MAGASIN n DARK SIDE whish is abot horrer film.  i do not reed this for lols cos it is serias so i can keep fingerz on puls of film indastry so i can do more revoos for your blog Linda.

Linda – that is nise

Gabz – that is a plesur.  i reedin mostley grafic novals from Japan what i downlod ilegely from intanet.

Linda – tell me abot em plz

Gabz – i has red lot o em but i wil recomend a favrit grafic novalest call Junji Ito.  he do Gyo


it is horrer seinen manga whish apeer in a comic evry week n were put in one book.  it have diffrant storys in it.  my favrit is famos one call The Enigma of Amigara Fault.

there is earth qwak in Japan n it leef a lot of hoels what is shape like humens.

humen shape hoels in rock

humen shape hoels in rock

they is verry misterias n no one no what it is!

Linda – omg what is it

Gabz – no one no.  that is why it is a enigma.  pepol start finkin they is humen shape hoels n eash one is for a persen.  pepol climb in the hoel they think is for them.

this persen think he find hoel what is made for him n want to climb in

this persen think he find hoel what is made for him n wanoo climb in

no one stop him n he climb in n disaper!

no one stop him n he climb in n disaper!

i will not say what hapen but i wold encorash you to reed it for yorself n find out endin.

here is link to a tumbelr what have good downlod of Junji Ito what you can reed.  they is verry scary.  here is some picsures what wil demanstrat so

397d2d22f540cc61797246e0f1a33b63 08_224 01_188 ito-dreamer2

Linda – they is VERRY scarey picsures!

Gabz – yes but also verry good.

Linda – hm. fank you for sharin what you is reedin with us.

Gabz – np

so that is what Gabz is reedin at the momant n it is intrestin n scarey.

i will ask other sisters what they is reedin in fusure blogz.

do NOT have nigtmarez  ^_^


chocklit chit chat

probs gonoo be a reglar feasur wich is revoos of chocklit.  i has this idea cos i am live in Englend n resently lot o Americen sweetz n chocklit has been on sale in shop from big fansy shop to cheep shop what poor pepol shop in.

it is a lot more ecspensif than chocklit what is here like marz barz, snickerz, normel MnMs, crunshy, topic, kit kat, normel chewin gumz, mr kiplins victorien sponsh, dubel deckar, lion barz, froot n nutz, n lot more what is in Englend.


well i got a freind to do a revoo of one of the Americen chocklit barz.  his name is Darren but that is all infermason i will give.

here is what he put in a email abot his ecsperiens with 3 MUSKATEERS what were pershas in WH SMITHS.




battel o the barz!!!


i done some resersh n found an intrestin FACT.  in Americer THEY HAS MILKY WAY!  here is where it get intresting IT IS MARS BAR!  americens are RELLY gettin chocklit verry rong.  here is a fingy off yootoob where a americen is tellin us abot OUR milky wayz n THIER milky wayz (what is relly a marz bar).   There is more abot it here if you wanoo reed it cos it seem it is leaf a LOT o pepol confuse.

i persanly do NOT like milky wayz so wold NOT eat one o the fingz what Darren did.  i sudges you do not eat one n all.

PS CHOCKLIT PARTY HAS BEEN POSPONT!!!  CHOCKLIT STOK HAVE BEEN GETIN LOW (hehe) N NEED SOMEONE like Elaine TO GO N GET SOME MORE!!!  do not wory tho i is not bingin.  i only has a pis now n agen.

hope you like chocklit feasur.  leme kno if you like it n i will do more somtime

freind n felow chocklit lovar

Linda  ^_^

it is good to read!

readin is nise way to relacs, it make you brainy n improof your spellin n compranensan skillz.

i aks my sisters what they is readin at the mo n here is what Edith say back.

Linda to Edith  –  is you readin a book at momant?

Edith – i am mostly tryin to improof my gitar skillz at the momant but i been verry intarested in this littel book i sawed on internets.  it is a colorin book with limarecs in it.  it is nise colors in it n i gonoo ask Elaine if she will print some out at libry so i can do some colorin with you Linda n giggel at limarecs.

here is some picsures of the book what Edith talk abot:

Edith like this book a verry lot!

Edith like this book a verry lot!






fat cat cookin an fish

fat cat cookin an fish

there is not  a lot of readin in this book but that is okay cos there is a lot to color in!  here is page what have picsure n littel vers abot what is happen in picsure


find out what other sisters is readin in fusur post!


Linda ^_^

gest list for chocklit party

soz but unles you no me PERSANLY there is NO more pepol allow to come to party this week end on sunday.

it is odd how Suzume n Nikki Cat usaly stay sittin on Hello Kitty sofa watshin tely but when they no a chocklit party is bein aranshed they come on over to where i is crashin in bed!  they has gone n got in bed now.  Suzume is sleepin necs to Elaines fase (poor Suzume lol) so she do not get lost in bed or fall down gap.



i has only been abel to post pics now cos Elaine had terrabel headace.  i did not post em when i said i wold, but i did NOT promis i wold so it is not like i broked it or were lyin.  ask Elaine if you do not belef me.

here is nise picsures of me n presants what i told you abot


here is me with sticker albam.  i alredy put some sticker in it.  i will show you what ones i has put in!

stickers in albem

stickers in albem

i got a LOT more to put in but it is not somthin you can do with out plannin.  you need to look at page n deside where sticker wold look best.  some leefs i stuck in has come off :/  not verry sticky sticker lol.

can you see littel Tuffy photobomin?  he have been recovary buddy for Elaine when she were poorly.  i said he coud be.  he was verry good buddy!

next presant yum yum CHOKLIT!!!


waitin for choklit party?  me to!  not sure wehn it will hapen yet but probly week end.

befor i go i will let you see new membar of fambly who is Baby Olek.


he is here with his cuggly n Travis who is his best freind.  i will tell you mor abot him in fusur post.  he is famos n was on tely.  he went to Africa n got left there by his crual parant n so he come back here to live with nise fambly we has ^_^  pic is bit blury cos Olek were bein wigly like babys do!

now i has to go

i hope you like picsures!




i got some presants today cos Elaine went n got me em when she went out.

i will tell you what i got “BUT” i can NOT show you a pici of me with em “BUT” i will show you tomorow.

i got an STICKER ALBEM!!!  you know i like stickerz A LOT n this is cute littel albem (with stickerz!) to put em in.  i will be putin my favrit sticker in n ones what I will get in fusure. i has to think how to put em in.  most is anamels.

I love stickerz. I have NOT got these one but I wold like em VERRY mush.

I love stickerz. I have NOT got these one but I wold like em VERRY mush.

i got some choklit n all. it is Hershey wite choklit cooky crunsh barz made a good size for me n sisters to share!  not sure when party is gonoo hapen (Elaine have to make cup o tea when we do).  defenetly me n Gabz n Nell is goin to party.  Edith will NOT cos she is vegen.  Marcia will NOT becos she is watshin figer.  Dorian n Smurf migt do n Suzume will try choklit n Robb.  it will be BIG party!!!

I got this

I got this

i is warin jimyjamz this week end cos it is the time to kick of your shoo n relacs.

do you like these Snoopy jamas?  i do.  they is verry cool!

images (2)

hope you is doin same n relacs!

look out for pici of me n presants!!


Linda ^_^

Elo! long time no see

has you miss me?  ^_^

it have been so long sinse i last done blog.  it is becos i has been verry busy doin life stuf.  that is all i will say on matter.

i will tell you tho that i is gunoo be doin more blog.  i has lot o idea abot what to put on it like more gost n film revoo with sister Gabz Commode n genaral chitchatz.

hope you is well as i is.

i leef you with latest picsure of me n sisters.

soon freindz


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